Nitech by RONCO
Nitech by RONCO


nitech1NITECH® Examination Gloves are exclusive to RONCO and are manufactured from a patented blend of premium quality synthetic materials. This flagship RONCO glove is 100% powder free, latex free, it's 5 mil in thickness and comes in sizes Small to XXLarge. Ideal for a number of food, medical and general uses, RONCO NITECH® was developed in response to application requirements for a level of protection somewhere in between vinyl and nitrile. NITECH® has since been dubbed the "For Everything In Between" glove.

NITECH® is now available with EDT (Easy Donning Technology).
The new EDT formula makes it easier to put the gloves on moist hands.

NITECH® EDT won the OH&S 2016 “New Product of the Year” Award under the Hand Protection Category. Read more HERE.

NITECH® is in compliance with CFIA (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and it was issued the Canadian Medical Device License.

Disposable gloves can be manufactured from various materials, each offering different levels of protection against specific substances. And different levels of protection come with a different price tag.

Usually vinyl gloves are less expensive and used in less aggressive environments, while nitrile gloves are at the other end of the spectrum, offer a high level of protection, but are more expensive.

nitech3There are applications though that require a level of protection somewhere in between and when the need arose, the product development team at RONCO listened and developed NITECH®, an ideal disposable glove for a number of food, medical and general uses.
The proprietary NITECH® formula delivers superior tensile strength, elasticity and touch sensitivity. RONCO invites prospective customers to “Feel the Difference” in its flagship product. Request a FREE sample HERE and compare NITECH® with the disposable gloves you currently use.

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